In the movie of ‘ Bridge to Terabithia’, the flow of the story will make us learn the importance of taking care each member of the family inside your house. There are some theme that related to my experiences like family problem, friendship, bully, and self acceptance. The movie will show the different attitudes of the young people to their school and different attitudes of their family member to different actions.

The movie started on showing the different color of the pencil and using it to different kind of artwork. The color give us better view to everything around us. In school, Jess met a girl who make himself better person. The girl name Leslie. In real life, we have different ways to express ourselves. I see myself to Jess who really want to be alone because of thinking too much about parents’ everyday problem. Financial problem is not that easy. The child inside the house will be affected even our parents didn’t tell us the problem. Just like Jess, I met a girl in school who help me to know myself more. She is always beside me whenever and wherever I go. We adventure together. We go and try things that we know that we can’t do but still try our best to make it. Jess forget his problems and enjoy his childhood life with Leslie. I remember that Jamie and I use to go to the highest part of our place and watch the clouds moving in the sky. We always spend our time together every after class. We imagine things for the future family that we will build when we are ready. She is the one who help me to boost my confident and show the real me. We’ve been bestfriends for so many years and I am so blessed to have her in my life. Jess and Leslie became partner to everything specially in their adventure world. Jess felt like, life is so unfair. But the has come. He thinks that he lose her bestfriend for choosing to not to be with her. He unexpectedly receive a message that her bestfriend is gone. Jamie also left our place. She can’t be with me like before. I am the first one who left her in our school and now, she is not with me. I lose her. I miss her. She is a best sister, bestfriend, and classmate to me. It is really hard for me to accept the fact that she will never comeback. I feel so sorry for choosing a wrong decision in my life.

Life is not unfair, we just felt like it is. God will send us a blessing that we need to value. A family problem can be fix with love. We should keep on understanding each other to make things better and not worst. It is good to enjoy our childhood life and not stressing to adults problem. Let ourselves dreaming and spreading love even its really hard for those young people who also need love. We can do things by trusting and believing in ourselves. When we reach our hardest part of our life, don’t stop fighting. Keep our mind open and accept the fact that every person who come in to our life will leave us on purpose. God will guide us. It’s okay to cry but don’t forget that this is the end of your journey. Keep doing things even they are not with us. Let them to be our inspiration to continue our journey.

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